Night Train to Berlin

Saturday, September 21, 2013 @ 02:12 pm from Netherlands Netherlands
Day 87

I'm writing this post a little early since I don't know when I'll have WiFi next. I've just been working on ClearCheckbook for the last few hours at the hostel. My train for Berlin leaves tonight at 7:00pm so I've got plenty of time to kill. I'm not exactly looking forward to a night on the train (at least I have a bunk in a 6 bunk room) but it's better than spending an extra night paying for a hostel then wasting an entire day on the train.

I'll probably head out in another hour or so and make my way up through the city to the train station. I'd rather stay here where I can get some work done though.

Amsterdam has been a cool place to visit and I think 4 full days was about the right amount of time. Unfortunately due to the weather I wasn't able to rent a bicycle and ride up to the windmills that are about 15 miles north of town. That was something I was looking forward to but I didn't want to risk getting caught in a chilly downpour for hours on a bike.

I've got 5 nights planned in Berlin before I head south to Prague in the Czech Republic.

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Anyone see Nessie? #europetrip2013
Christmas lights all over Seville! #navidad #sevilla #europetrip2013 #christmas
La Boqueria market in Barcelona. So much fresh food and tapas bars. I could shop here for a month and not try the same thing twice. I got some iberico ham, clementines, bread and a cup of fruit. #barcelona #boqueria #europetrip2013
I love the tile work here. #seville #europetrip2013
Cliffs of Moher #europetrip2013
L'Orangerie at Versailles. #versailles #paris #europetrip2013
Notre Dame. #paris #europetrip2013
Eiffel tower. #paris #europetrip2013
Turkish tea served with my durum doner at dinner. The tea was really good (and strong!) #europetrip2013
St Andrews Old Course. #europetrip2013


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My name's Brandon O'Brien and I'm a travelholic. Before this journey I've been to 11 countries and put over 17,500 miles on various motorcycle trips through the USA and Canada. I'm a self-employed web developer so I'm fortunate enough to be able to work anywhere there's an internet connection. That's what truly made this experience possible.


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