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Moving Day

Friday, January 6, 2006 @ 12:00 PM in Miscellaneous

I've spent all day getting a great workout, even though it was unintentional. Lifting boxes, beds, couches, TVs, tables and more have left Eric and I completely worn out while moving into our new apartment. Even though the apartment is just around the corner from my old place, it has still taken the good part of a day to get both of our things moved into the new place.

Eric and his dad showed up around 11:30 with the Uhaul and we signed the lease and got the keys to the new apartment. After unloading all of Eric's things, we went to my apartment to grab the big items like the couches, kitchen table, my desk and a few things that are just a little bit too big to fit in my car.

The new apartment, which is located at Blackbird Farms is very nice. There is a lot of room for everything and we even have a huge storage closet that would be big enough for someone to put a desk in there and turn it into a tiny workcenter. The bedrooms are a little different in size, but it doesn't seem too noticeable and the bathroom even has a nice closet so we don't have to store everything on a metal rack. We even have a really nice view outside our balcony of a field. The view at my old place was of a retirement home.

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