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WEMF 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006 @ 12:00 AM in General Travel

I just got back from the World Electronic Music Festival up in Tweed, Ontario this weekend. Scott and I drove up from Indy on Friday night. We left his house around 9 at night and drove straight through for the 13 hour trip. We got up there around 10:00 in the morning but couldn't get in until Noon because that was the time they would switch the ticket prices from the 3 day to 2 day price (a savings of 50 bucks). So we ended up just sitting around for a few hours and waited to get in.

Once we got in the gates, we had to find a place to park and set up camp. We drove around for a bit and ended up finding a spot that was in a pretty central location to all the stages. We walked around a bit and realized most of the people were still passed out from the night before and none of the music would really start up again until about 5-6:00 at night. Since we had been running on no sleep and were hungry, we made some sandwiches and then slept in the car for an hour.

After the nap, it was almost time for the music to start up again. I changed into my I <3 Boobs shirt and we started walking around. Almost immediately people started coming up to me and saying stuff like "hell yeah man, me too" or "nice shirt, don't we all!" This lasted the entire night and was pretty funny that so many people came up and talked to me because of the shirt. I ended up running into OTer DittoAlex because he recognized the shirt.

They had a few different stages set up. There was a Hardcore stage, Trance stage, Drum and Bass stage and an Alternative stage. Each one had a different crowd that followed it. It was pretty funny to see the different types of people who like the different types of music. Scott and I basically walked around all of them since all the music was pretty good.

We ended up staying up unitl around 3:00am and then decided we should probably try to get some sleep before heading home. We slept until about 8:00 in the morning and then packed up the car and started our journey home. The way back only took about 11 and a half hours. The drive back was really nice. It was partly cloudy through most of Ontario which made for an easy drive.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos because it's hard to carry a camera around when there are 5,000+ people jumping around.

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