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A long weekend in Denver

Monday, March 31, 2014 @ 8:56 AM in General Travel

I went up to Denver last weekend for Colt's (Ryan's son) first birthday party. The wind has been ridiculously strong the last few times I've driven up and back and this time was no exception. The last few times the dust has been so bad near Pueblo you could hardly see the road in front of you. Luckily this time the dust was pretty thin and didn't cause any delays.

The party went well. They rented their neighborhood clubhouse for the night and had about 40 people show up. I was really hoping to get new tires put on my motorcycle while I was up there but the bike shop didn't have the ones I needed in stock so I'll have them order some and get it taken care of in a few weeks. I'm really getting eager to ride since the weather has been pretty nice here in Albuquerque. I'd be scared to ride back home on the existing tires since they're at the end of their life and had been sitting unused in Ryan's storage unit while I was in Europe.

On Saturday we went to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge Park. The government used to do a bunch of weapons testing there back around WW2 but now it's converted into a giant wildlife park. Unfortunately we didn't see any animals aside from a few prairie dogs and some bison. It was still a little too dead there for there to be a bunch of animals around.

On the way back home yesterday I stopped and bought a bunch of beers in Denver that I can't find here in Albuquerque. They had four different kinds of Dogfish Head beer but I only got one four-pack since they cost around $17 each. Some friends and I are going to try all the beers this week or next.

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