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Day Trip to Monaco

Day Trip to Monaco

Saturday, September 10, 2022 @ 10:21 PM in 2022 Germany and France

Day 17

We left the Airbnb around 9 this morning to meet Kat at the train station. We bought our tickets for the trip to Monaco and then got to the gate. There were already a lot of people waiting so it looked like we'd be in for another packed train. When the train did show up, there were already quite a few people on there but we managed to cram in. Unfortunately we were by the door so whenever the train stopped, people would have to flood in and out around us which was hard with a stroller.

Once we got to Monaco, we got off and then had a little trouble finding the actual way out that didn't involve stairs or escalators. Eventually we found an elevator that took us up to the spot we wanted to be. After getting out of the train station we bought a day pass for the bus so we could get around a little easier. The first stop was to a patisserie where we got a pain au chocolat and a cappuccino. From there we walked over to the palace of the prince through some of the gardens along the cliffs. There were some really nice views of the country but it was a little surprising it didn't look "nicer". A lot of the buildings looked pretty generic and nothing special. The harbor had a lot of huge yachts though which was interesting to see.

When we got to the palace, there were a ton of people waiting around and it turns out we got there right before the changing of the guard. We left the changing of the guard a little early to beat some of the crowds and got lunch. We ate at a restaurant called Arrow burger which had pretty good burgers. The buns were shaped like arrowheads which I guess goes with the name.

Once we finished lunch we found another bus stop and went over to the Monte Carlo casino and walked around some of the gardens near there before going back to the train station. Fortunately the train back to Nice wasn't too packed and we didn't have to pack in too bad. The train did stop for about 10 minutes while the police did some kind of search though.

Back in Nice, we stopped at a store specializing in chocolates and bought some treats to take home with us. We came back to the Airbnb for a little while before heading back over to Kat's for dinner. On the way we stopped and got a rotisserie chicken, a new baguette, some wine and a salad mix for dinner. We threw it all together and ate it with some leftover cheese we had. It was nice having some greens for dinner instead of eating out.

We hung out and talked for a while over the bottle of wine but just got back to the Airbnb. The plan for tomorrow is to head to the beach and have lunch out before Sam and I head back to the Airbnb to start getting things packed up and ready for the trip back to the states.

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Overlooking  Monaco
Overlooking Monaco
Royal palace
Royal palace
Monte Carlo casino
Monte Carlo casino

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