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Fixing my fence

The fence and gate that enclosed my backyard had been there since I moved into my condo back in June 2007. Constant exposure to the Albuquerque sun, wind and occasional rains really took their toll. The wood was warping, the knots were popping out, the discoloration was hideous and one of the pieces had snapped due to a big knot coming loose.

I decided it was time to replace it with something that looked nicer so I went to Lowes and bought some new wood and some stain/protectant. After several days of staining the wood, letting it dry and then staining again, it was finally looking good enough to put up.

Actually putting the new boards up wasn't really that hard. The gate part was really easy and I took the chance to upgrade the rope latch to a metal one. The rest of the fence was a little tougher since I had to contend with a giant rose bush full of thorns. I eventually got a tarp and put it over the bush so I could work without getting cut up.

Unfortunately I miscounted when I was figuring out how many boards I needed and was off by one. I had to use two of the original boards where it hits the wall since I didn't want to have to go get a board and spend another few days staining it.

All in all it looks much better. It's nice to finally be knocking projects off my list. Between that and getting my roof leak fixed it finally seems like there's an end in sight to the projects. Next up is fixing the damage to my kitchen ceiling caused by the aforementioned leaking roof.
Teaser photo
Before - the original fence / gate
Teaser photo
During - the gate is complete
Teaser photo
Teaser photo
From the inside