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Relaxing on our last full day in Europe

Relaxing on our last full day in Europe

Sunday, September 11, 2022 @ 7:20 PM in 2022 Germany and France

Day 18

Today was our last full day in Europe. We catch our flight at 8:55am tomorrow from Nice to Munich. Then we go from Munich to Houston and finally Houston to Albuquerque. It's going to be a really long day so we wanted today to be pretty chill. We got a little packing done this morning then headed down to the beach around 10:00. Unfortunately there were some jellyfish in the water so we didn't actually get in, but we met up with Kat and hung out there for about an hour and a half.

We just went to the beach that was closest to our Airbnb and really close to Kat's place. It was a smooth rock beach instead of sand which made it a little more uncomfortable to sit on. By noon we were all getting hungry so we dropped all our beach gear off at Kat's house and set off to find lunch. We aimed for a seafood restaurant that had really good reviews but it was closed when we got there, even though it was supposed to be open. A little disappointed, we walked to another place called Waka Bar and sat down there.

I got a beer and a chicken and avocado salad with some couscous which was really good. I also ordered some loaded fries which were delicious. Sam got a burger and a spritzer. After I finished my beer I ordered an Aperol spritz since that's basically the official drink of the area and I hadn't had one yet. It was pretty good and had a lot of orange flavor.

After lunch we walked back to Kat's place to pick up the rest of our stuff then came back to the Airbnb to do some more packing. For dinner I walked down to a pizza place and picked up a couple pizzas as an easy last meal. We hadn't actually looked in the freezer at the Airbnb until today and we discovered someone left some ice cream pops in there. It's too bad we didn't look sooner or we could have had them through the week, lol.

We're going to have the ice cream a little later then give Dakotah a bath before heading to bed early. We probably need to leave the Airbnb around 6:30am to catch the tram and get to the airport in time to check in and get to our flight. The trip has been great and we've done and seen a lot. It's always bittersweet leaving a vacation but we're looking forward to getting home and back into a more normal routine.

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